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  • Organic Honey

    Organic honey comes from organic farming. If you want to know more about the organic production of honey you can read this article

  • Delicacies

    Maison Belval offers you a whole range of organic products of artisanal manufacture: Nougats, biscuits, candies ... made from honey

    Homemade organic cookies

    All our cookies are handcrafted in our honey factory in Banne (Ardèche - France).

    They are shaped by hand, and cooked in an old slow cooking oven.

    Without preservatives or artificial flavors. There is no freezing.

    Bagged by us, with care and simplicity. Long-term storage away from moisture.

    Homemade organic gingerbread

    Our gingerbreads are made the old way.

  • Organic French Bee...

    We offer a range of products from the hive, based on flower pollen, propolis, royal jelly.

  • With beeswax

    All beeswax products ... Candles and more.

  • equipment

    We offer a lot of used beekeeping equipment.

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